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About the Author

        Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work with great companies.  I started out in my field in 1980, and since then I’ve gathered the skills and expertise necessary to take my career to the next level.  I started my career in writing in 1993.  It was the O.J. Simpson murder case.  I have never published that work nor do I intend to!  I had began to write my own legal briefs and during my research I got into crime stories.  Mysteries!  Then there was the Michael Jackson novel which was about a fight between me and the industry over 'Michael Jackson and the Doctor, a fatal  friendship'.  The Jackson product started out as a movie script turned novel and then I produced a second movie.  The second movie is one more product from the fight that is finished,  yet I am waiting to revise it into a entertaining dance extravaganza.   I am still writing and have just graduated from Dallas college in 2022.  I graduated from Dallas College, Ashworth college, ETI college, and California paramedical and technical institute.  My field of study is construction.  I sing, play, and write music also.  I am currently licensed in two construction trades.  I am very selective in what I write about.  My fellow adventurers the novel coming to America 3 is a non-fiction action packed journey into life in 3 different countries combined with fantasy, wildlife, the diamond industry, and the notorious rebel of the wild.  It is technically a fiction novel.  I promise you that it will not leave you disappointed.

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