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Everett Watson: A Unique Approach to a reading Adventure

Literary time travel unraveling past mysteries


Watson's palette of adventures, and mysteries

I have been writing for years and life never leave me wanting for subjects or matters to drift into.  I take from your favorite refuge to the bedroom of Michael Jackson in June of 2009.  If not there how about the battlefields of the 1800's where war never ceased.  The views are so vivid and stuning you have to ask yourself what took you so long to visit.  The mysteries are revealed in such a style that I had to write.

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Creative Synergy

The death of Michael Jackson a true musical genius whose work was left unfinished.   I hope to complete it one day.  The story of a man with power that led to an insurrection.  Whose know the fate of Donald J. Trump?   The mysterious death of Anthony Quinn Warner the Batman Building Bomber.  Rumor has it that all was destroyed in the explosion on the streets of Nashville Tennessee.  A big Bomb.  Warned everyone to stay away.  Then the bomb went off by accident or was it set off?  He sat there for hours waiting for who or what?

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The adventures continues.

Professional Guidance Recommended

The story of the civil war has been told many ties over in the same many.  The fables of the guilty who ran the country and tied to steal it.  It was not a civil war and it was filled with Indians, pirates, royalty, Kings, and Monarchs.  Riches beyond your wildest dreams.  Secrets from the past risen from the archives of time.  Democracy!  We the people!  Democracy does not seek justice.  /we the people seek justice through the democratic system. The systems of checks and balances.  The people must seek it out to maintain the balance of the scales of justice.

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Lasting Impact

The adventures of life is a never ending story that is filled with thrills and chills, heartbreak and anger, love and tragedy, with twists and turn along the way.  Our lives have been touched by each of the people in each of these novels.  The never ending story of life. 


My Specializations

Creative Solutions

Adventures Transend generations

Expand Your mind

Each Generation makes a difference in every adventure in life. My skills and expertise will help you grab the moment and relive the adventure in real time.  Don't be afraid to fly.

Relax and believe

Engage & absorb the ride.

Whatever you do there is always time for yourself.  Life is short and those moments' are precious.  I can help you add a little spice without leaving your favorite chair. Through years of experience, I’ve learned the importance of investing in life and to live it.  I try to guide all of my adventures through the most unbelievable moments in time and history.  

Grow Your Vision by living the future now!

Fellow adventurers I am letting you look into the future before it arrives.  Your next journey!


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Creating memories

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